Buying Glass

We supply architectural glass of all types and size at very reasonable prices and in a timely manner.

We help design, provide estimates and arrange professional installation


We can provide prices for:

    • Clear
    • Low Iron
    • Low - E
    • Reflective
    • Acid Etched
    • Mirror
    • Coloured
    • Laminated
    • Patterned
    • Custom glass (Shower Door s, railing, partitions, tables etc.)
    • IGU's with coatings and tints
    • Tempered
    • Heat Strengthened
    • Beveled
    • Polished
    • Bent
    • Ceramic Frit
    • Oversized (up to 31 feet x 11 feet)

Competitive Advantage

If you need to bid competitively on a job that calls for a large number of lites of different sizes and glass types please consider giving us a call. Our overseas fabricators produce beautifully crafted product at incredible savings. We can get any type of glass fabricated to the size you need, finished as you need it, with designs printed on it, and have it tempered, heat soaked, bent or laminated…etc.

Timely Prices

Overseas production requires a 24 hour response period.

Quotes involving local sourcing and production can be provided in minutes.


Container Load Payment and Savings options.

We offer two main ways to purchase. Financing yourself saves a lot of money.

A)  All-in Price – GlassLines Finances the deal. The first price is the all-in price including delivery charges where we finance the whole purchase. To make comparison easy we show your cost not including the current market energy surcharge and then disclose the surcharge in the far right column.

B)  Cost if you Finance – You can gain significant savings by financing the purchase yourself.  You can save more by paying up front. We collect 50% on order and the balance is required when the ship reaches international waters (20 days before arrival).

 Can we mix sizes and types?

You can always order different thicknesses of the same type of glass in one container. For example clients commonly order one container with 5 and 6mm mirror.

Sometimes, you can combine different types of glass as well as different sizes in one container: 


We look after all logistics and assume all risks  - you simply unload when it arrives.

How does the glass get into your facility?

We arrange for the container to be dropped at your facility on a trailer. You 2 days to unload the container. All float glass is delivered in open top containers. The open top allows the blocks to be lifted out using a sling and placed alongside the trailer onto a rack. This requires a Hiab crane, an overhead crane or a specially equipped forklift. We can supply assistance in exploring and understanding this process.

Once unloaded the glass must be removed from the wood crate. The face of the wood crate can be removed or the ends removed to allow the lites to be lifted onto the table or racking system.

Find Out More

Please feel free to call discuss your glass needs. We have helped numerous clients locate the products they need and to bid successfully on large installation projects

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