Join, See Prices, and Order

The first thing you have to do is obtain a Username and Password in order to see the wholesale prices!

While you can establish an account using the "create an account" link at the top right of the website you will not be able to see prices until we have had a chance to speak and verify you are a wholesale customer. So the best way to get set up is to simply give me a call or send me your info and I will set you up.

I will need:

  1. Your name
  2. Your Company’s Name
  3. Business telephone number
  4. Email
  5. Your Billing (and shipping) address(es)

I can be reached at 416 804 1605 or email me at

Once you are set up you can see the products we have in stock and some of the many we can easily obtain for you and purchase the items you need.

The website will allow to you to purchase 2 ways:

1) Purchase by major credit card

2) Purchase using Paypal


Purchase by Credit Card


a) The first step is to make an order by selecting items and adding them to your shopping cart.

b) Review your cart and make sure you have entered the desired quantity.

c) Enter correct shipping address information

d) Checkout using your credit card. .

e) You will then specify the shipping method (Canada Post or pickup from Store)

That's it. You will subsequently receive a series of emails notifying you about the status of your order.